Betty and the Boy 


Betty and the Boy defy simple categorization. Though the quintet’s string-laden melodies occasionally anchor them in the territories of folk, bluegrass, or minimalist rock, they’re more at home in the cracks in-between. It’s from these deeper, often darker, places where Betty Jaeger’s voice reaches up, takes you by the hand, and invites you along for the ride – a difficult offer to refuse.



Bettreena Jaeger: Betty is a self-taught vocalist from Kalispell, Montana and writes a majority of the group’s more down-tempo and melodramatic melodies.  Jaeger, the daughter of an English professor, was groomed to be the captivating vocalist and songwriter she has become.  Her own lyrics are replete with animal and nature imagery, but it’s in a fairy tale more in the fashion of Grimm than Disney, with minimalistic guitar styling to accompany them. After meeting Josh Harvey in Montana a handful of years back, the two began collaborating their music into what has become Betty and the Boy today.


Josh Harvey: Self-taught, multi-instrumentalist born in Portland, Oregon.  He began playing upright bass and guitar during adolescence and pursued playing inherited instruments from his musical family members , such as mandolin, guitar, and banjo soon after he met Betty.  The two began performing in the Northwest as a duo.  Josh's songwriting capabilities are heavily influenced by post-punk undertones, and adds the more quirky side to Betty and the Boy.


Michelle Whitlock: Michelle has been playing violin since the age of 3, and has trained through the Suzuki Program.  Coming from a musical family from Fort Wayne, Indiana, she later pursued a music degree from the Indiana University.  Her innate ability to play by ear, and her preference to play her instrument in a lower register creates a unique compliment to such whimsical tunes.

Saturday August 9 at 8:00 p.m.


Betty and the Boys


Nanci McDonald: Classically trained in Niantic, Connecticut.  Beginning her musical endeavors at age 5, she later studied with a music minor at the University of Vermont, and participated in various bands throughout Boston, Northern Arizona, San Francisco Bay, and currently in Eugene, Oregon.  She currently also volunteers with the Eugene Symphony and teaches private cello lessons at Harmony Roadhouse.  Nanci also sings and plays great ’round the campfire’ ukulele and guitar tunes.


Jon Conlon: Also a self-taught, Jon is a bassist from Washington D.C.  His vast experience in various up-tempo garage rock and punk bands throughout the Northwest has fueled his inspirations and talent for studio recording.  Consequently, he has (in the comfort of his own living room!) recorded some of Betty and the Boy’s most successful tracks, such as, Moth to a Light, Good Luck, and Babel on their recently released album titled, Good Luck.  Jon not only has ‘killer chops,’ he can also cook a mean set of BBQ pork ribs.



Los Pinguos 


They came to the US from cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a mixture of Latin rhythms, performed with Spanish guitars, a Cuban Tres, Peruvian caj'n (box-drum) and harmonizing vocals. Vivacious and infectious, the sound of Los Pinguos has claimed fans worldwide, from their hometown to the streets of Los Angeles.

The story began in 1999 when Adri*n Buono, Jos* Agote, Juan Manzur and Juan Manuel Leguizam*n formed the band to play in clubs, bars, and private parties throughout Buenos Aires. Their exciting, passionate live shows garnered a devoted fan base, inspiring the talented ensemble to pursue global attention.


So they packed their bags and headed north to the Californian shores. Newly arrived to the City of Angels in early 2001, Los Pinguos began playing at local bars such as The Latin Lounge, The Knitting Factory, Key Club, Temple Bar & Little Temple. As their popularity grew, they were invited to perform at the end-of-season party for the hit FOX show "Dharma & Greg".
It was when they started to perform for the crowds at Santa Monica*s 3rd Street Promenade (a Los Angeles shopping/restaurant hot spot) that the band realized their potential to reach a wide and diverse audience.


While performing, they were spotted by a talent scout who urged them to audition for a new television show, "The Next Big Star", hosted and produced by Ed McMahon of "Star Search" fame. In spite of fierce competition from more seasoned groups, and being the only Latin band to perform, Los Pinguos won the audience vote and rightly claimed the Grand Prize. Soon after this, new bassist Santiago Lee joined the group, giving Los Pinguos a strong backbone and groove to the music, new and old.

Saturday September 13 at 8:00 p.m.


Los Pinquos


Currently the band can be found touring throughout the U.S. and beyond, including Mexico, Canada and most recently were invited to play at the renowned Blue Balls Music Festival and the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.


Back by popular demand!! Their last concert with us blew the roof off! This is a wonderfully entertaining show, you'll want to stand up or dance the whole time. Don't miss this high energy show! *Vivacious and infectious, the sound of Los Pinguos has claimed fans worldwide, from their hometown to the streets of Los Angeles.




Molly's Revenge


Molly's Revenge


""Molly's Revenge delivers all the intensity of the Battlefield Band with a uniquely California sense of fun." - Danny Carnahan, Wake The Dead

"I can honestly say, it would be nigh on impossible for musicians to put much more oomph into playing than evidenced here." - Chaos Realm

Saturday,  October 18 at 8:00 p.m.


Born out of the timeless tradition of Celtic music sessions, Molly*s Revenge is a band with a genuine affection for the music they play; their enthusiasm for the music carries over in all their live and recorded performances. The classic combination of solo instruments such as the Highland bagpipes, uilleann pipes, whistles, fiddle, and mandolin against a backdrop of guitar and bouzouki accompaniment, with an occasional rousing chorus song mixed in, guarantees an enjoyable and memorable listening experience.

Equally at home in front of audiences several thousand strong or in small intimate venues, Molly*s Revenge has performed at many of the top folk festivals and performing arts events in the USA, and countless private concerts. Internationally, they have performed at prestigious events in Australia and China.

The band's skilled musicianship and boundless enthusiasm for its music guarantees enjoyable entertainment for people of all ages. Their arrangements of traditional Celtic jigs and reels brings these dance tunes up to date with a driving, hard-edged accent in a way that will leave your feet tapping, your hands clapping, and your voices shouting for more. 


"The instruments are traditional...but the wild passion they exhibit is thoroughly modern." --MetroSantaCruz



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