Hanz Araki Trio


Hanz Araki Trio

Photo - Jilly Landcaster


COLLEEN RANEY – bodhrán, vocals

Portland, Oregon’s Colleen Raney is a gifted traditional singer who recently released her fourth album, titled Here This is Home, which was recorded over the summer of 2013 in Dublin, Ireland. Among the finest interpreters of traditional songs of her generation, Raney has toured both nationally and internationally, and her four solo CDs have staked her claim as a serious presence in Irish music today. Hearth Music has enthused, "Singing with a deep love for the tradition and the dark poetry of Celtic song, Colleen has been drawing new life from old ballads and renewing our love for Irish music” while Irish Music Magazine declares that she is “one of the best in her genre.”


“…splendid, absolutely fabulous”

– BBC Wales, Celtic Heartbeat


 “Araki’s distinctive voice, while definitely in the folk tradition, carries a lot of emotion; Throughout, the instrumental work is exceptional.”

– The Irish Edition


 Saturday,  January 10 at 8:00 p.m.


Award-winning traditional Irish flute player and vocalist HANZ ARAKI will be joined by guitarist Cary Novotny, and vocalist and bodhrán player Colleen Raney to celebrate the release of a new album, titled Foreign Shore. Recently called “An Irish Music phenomenon in West Coast America” by Irish Music Magazine, Araki is known for his uncluttered and honest approach to traditional Irish and Scottish music.

Hanz Araki, whose full name is Hanzaburo after his grandfather’s grandfather, is the 6th generation of his family to earn the title of Kodo Araki, a grand master of the shakuhachi. While he honed his musical ability perfecting the traditions of his father’s family, his love of the music of his Irish mother’s family lead to a career in Irish music that spans twenty-five years and has produced multiple award-winning albums and international accolades.

Foreign Shore, his eleventh release, is a collection of songs and tunes from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand, and America that illustrates the path of the music and the tradition as it traveled, as Araki’s forbearers did, from homeland to new home. Hanz Araki faithfully showcases the inherent beauty of traditional Irish music with performances that are inspired, detailed, and authentic. www.hanzaraki.com


CARY NOVOTNY – guitar, vocals

Cary Novotny’s distinct style of guitar playing has made him one of the most sought after accompanists in traditional Irish Music. After immersing himself in Bluegrass, Country, Folk, and Classical guitar styles, Cary discovered a deep love for Irish music and turned his attention to the songs and tunes of the tradition, which he quickly mastered. In his 20+ year career, he has recorded and performed with many great Irish musicians worldwide, including Kevin Burke, The Bridies, Johnny B. Connolly, Larry Nugent, and the touring Irish dance show “Celtic Legends.”

“The musicianship is superb …achingly beautiful; a real delight.”

  Fatea Magazine



Mark Graham

with  Lauren Sheehan


Lauren Sheenan

Lauren clearly loves and inhabits the music she performs, shape shifting through th oods of the familiar and the obscure, howling with the werewolf and weeping with the willow. Her gifted guitar work, stylistic breadth and vocals are inspired by her study with elders, oral tradition and scholarship. With all of that tradition behind her, she re-creates the intimacy of a back porch, where singing and playing were regular events.

Lauren began playing guitar at 10, discovered traditional, social and dance music in her early 20’s, then jumped into living acoustic blues up at Centrum’s Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival in her 30’s, picking up mandolin and banjo along the way.


“An asshole in a giant puppet head”

   Rolling Stone

An evening with Mark Graham is a trip to a rip-roaring, old-time slugfest illuminated by great flashes of wit and fascinating insight into “the human condition”   Mark Graham is one of the most clever and inventive writers

KMVR Program Guide


 “Amazing harmonica player…songs irreverent, well crafted and often hilarious” 

Sing Out Magazine


Saturday,  Februray 14 at 8:00 p.m.

  The year was 1953 and Mark Graham was born in the inhospitable no-man’s land between Renton and Seattle, Washington. It was this harsh, unyielding wilderness that nurtured an incipient yet incendiary impulse toward musical satire. Under the unwholesome influence of   Homer and Jethro’s classic LP “At the Country Club”, Mark embarked on a perilous and far reaching exploration of corn-fed American country musical humor that was to take an ominous turn toward obscure musical sub genres of   even more dubious commercial viability.

 Seeking to create a versatile and unique vehicle to comment on what has come to be called “the human condition”, Graham sought to combine the lyrical essence of Tom Lehrer, The Smothers Brothers, Gilbert and Sullivan, the mysterious Dublin balladeer, Zosimus and the Epicurean philosopher-poet, Lucretius and wed them to the barnyard sensibility of old-time music’s Uncle Dave Macon.

 While modestly claiming complete and utter artistic success, popular acclaim has remained utterly and completely modest. For although Mr. Graham has performed at such exalted venues as The Newport Folk Festival, The Prairie Home Companion, London’s Festival Hall and Port Townsend’s Upstage Theater and Restaurant, he fortunately retains a deep and abiding interest in classical through rococo pick and shovel technique (with a wheelbarrow minor) and applies the theory and practice in the service of the Burton Water Co. of Vashon Island.  (He works at the water department on Vashon Island, WA.)

  With his trusty Marine Band harmonica Mark Graham has rambled the world with serial offenders like The Hurricane Ridge Runners, The Chicken Chokers, Kevin Burke’s Open House, Danny Barnes and The Kings of Mongrel Folk, bringing a surreal mountain hilarity and lonesome musical terror to the big subjects: Cosmology, Mathematics, Biology, Food, Stupidity, Death and Festival Love.

“Traditional harmonica wizardry with hilarious, off-beat songwriting”

Kim Field “Harmonicas, Harps and Heavy Breathers





Saturday,  March 7 at 8:00 p.m.


Jeff Scroggins and Colorado is a high energy, high mountain “bluegrass explosion,” that features the amazing banjo playing of Jeff Scroggins. Jeff’s fiery style and lightning fast licks have earned him many fans worldwide, and have left many a first time listener in stunned disbelief! It also features the award winning mandolin playing of Jeff’s son Tristan Scroggins. Tristan is also an accomplished songwriter, and his and Jeff’s original instrumentals play a large role in the band’s unique and energetic sound.

The band also features incredible bluegrass vocals, led by the powerful voice of front man Greg Blake. Greg has twice been nominated for SPBGMA’s “Traditional Male Vocalist of the Year” award and his phenomenal bluegrass guitar playing has earned him 9 nominations and an amazing 5 consecutive wins as SPBGMA’s Guitarist of the Year!

Annie Savage brings to the group strong vocals and an aggressive fiddle style that is well suited to the band’s high energy approach. She is a conservatory trained musician with 15 years teaching experience a great instructor as well as performer! Check out her teaching at www.savagefiddler.com. KC Groves founded the all-girl band Uncle Earl and is truly a force to be reckoned with! Having recorded with such greats as Charles Sawtelle and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin and touring internationally for many years, KC is an internationally renowned musician and song-writer. She teaches through Planet Bluegrass and is a fabulous addition to the project.

Jeff Scroggins & Colorado

Jeff Scroggins and Colorado


"Jeff Scroggins and Colorado is an electrifying new band from the Rocky Mountains. Jeff is one of the world’s premier masters of the banjo and plays with a precision, drive and timing that are unequaled anywhere. Lead singer Greg Blake’s strong vocals are delivered with conviction, style and clarity. Add the talented Tristan Scroggins on mandolin, Sebie Denson’s solid bass fiddle and vocals, and the soulful fiddle of Annie Savage and you have a world class band that would add to any event, gathering or festival!"



"Jeff Scroggins may not be a household name, but he should be."-




 Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen



Besides her work with Dan, Laurel Thomsen, also a singer, writer, and respected educator, has performed classically since 1998 and with a variety of California Bay Area bands and artists since 2002. With an unforgettable violin tone and a way of offering every musical line or silence as a gift, she is frequently sought for her ability to add depth and emotion to diverse styles of music and her knack for creating infectious melodies, both live on stage and in the studio. She has also released two albums, the latest, “Light & Shadow”, demonstrating her budding talent as a diverse singer-songwriter and composer as well. The host of the Violin Geek Podcast since 2010, the author of two multi-media guides to string playing technique, a longtime Strings magazine contributor, and since 1996, a dedicated private, Skype, and workshop lessons instructor to violin, viola, and fiddle students around the world, Laurel is passionate about not only sharing her music on stage, but also helping others find their own musical voices.


With influences ranging from Folk, Classical, Old Time, and Celtic, to Gospel, Jazz, Vintage Country, Rock N' Roll, Blues, and Bluegrass, Dan and Laurel flow seamlessly through genres, tempos, stories, and moods, embodying each style with virtuosic command.

"Dan and Laurel’s concert in our home drew a standing ovation and a demand for encores. Everyone left with big smiles!"     

Margo and Tyler Baker, California house concert hosts


Saturday, May 9, at 8:00 p.m.

One Manitoba winter evening, music and modern technology transpired to bring together two artists with captivating musical synergy, despite their living 2,000 miles apart. Dan Frechette, celebrated Winnipeg singer-songwriter, released a record breaking 10 albums in 2012, and discovered Laurel Thomsen, American genre-bending violinist, that same year via a chance YouTube sighting. 

Dan was instantly impressed by Laurel’s ability to “conjure emotions and spirit with the violin” and imagined how she could add these qualities to his own songs, with an astonishing 1300 of them and counting, including The Duhks hit singles “The Mists of Down Below” and “You Don’t See It”. Laurel was equally impressed with Dan’s diversity as a songwriter, his heartfelt voice, and his one-man-band style of guitar playing - fusing lead, rhythm, and bass lines on just one left handed acoustic guitar. The two became fast friends online, overdubbing each other’s parts on recordings sent back and forth, but didn’t meet in person until nearly a year later when they collaborated on a tour of Laurel’s home state of California. 

Dan Frechette, also a multi-instrumentalist and an uncanny impressionist, has been performing high-energy and soulful concerts throughout North America and Europe since 1992. Dan has toured across Canada several times, both solo and with Laurel, and has appeared at many festivals over the years, including the Winnipeg Folk Festival, Edmonton Folk Festival, Lake Eden Arts Festival, Stan Rogers Festival, Mariposa Folk Festival, Islands Folk Festival, Summerfolk Festival, Bismarck Bluegrass Festival, Lake Eden Arts Festival, Suwanee Springfest, Brandon Folk Festival, Trout Forest Festival, and the Harvest Moon Festival. He’s been called one of Canada’s best on guitar and harmonica, inspiring many up-and-coming singer-songwriters now touring Canada and Europe. 'Sing Out!' magazine also called Frechette "one of the most talented singer-songwriters I've heard in a long time."  



"Any grounded, sound-minded person would have a perma-grin throughout a Dan and Laurel show." 

Bernie, Manitoba house concert host


“A good songwriter...a terrific violinist...and together their voices blend beautifully and harmonically...  I can’t wait to hear more...” 

Les Siemieniuk, Penguins Eggs Magazine




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