Tickets for the cancelled Dirty Cello show can be redeemed at the door the at any of the next three shows.  Be sure to make a reservation for the show you are going to attend.



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Quantity,  Kate Power & Steve Einhorn   Saturday, Feb 13 ,  8 p.m
Quantity,  Possessed by Paul James   Saturday, March 5 ,  8 p.m
Quantity,  John Reischman and the Jaybirds   Saturday, April 16,  8 p.m.
Quantity,  Sally Burris  Saturday, May 14,  8 p.m.
Quantity,  3 Leg Torso   Saturday, June 25,  8 p.m.
Quantity,  Gideon Fruedman   Saturday, July 23  8 p.m.

Your Tickets will be held for you at the door.  Please claim them no later than 20 minutes prior to show time.  Reservations can also be made by telephone at: 541-247-2848



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